These are my favorite movies. The type of movies to kill some time. Be inspired, pull apart the scenes to see whats inside!

Litterbug 2

Why would you think I wouldn't put it on here? This is the first thing I think of when I'm asked "what's your favorite 3dmm movie?" Nobody asks me that but you get the point! This is the pinacle of pointless action movies (or P.A.M) Every pam lead up to this one movie. Created by the late mastermind that is: Jimmy Pozin.



"The story of a mentally retarded talk show drill seargent and his bizarre life involving romance, violence, manipulation, and 'Saved by the Bell' episodes."

A halarious movie with an entertaining story. Just an all around great movie to watch sitting on a couch, eating some popcorn, and drinking a can of soda!



Another great P.A.M made in the early 2000s. Features some of the best gore i've seen in a movie, along with excellent action, scenes, and animation!


Moderately Confused

Same thing with sgt.steve, Great to watch like its a real movie with popcorn and soda! I still watch this movie every now and then. Its amazing to see how much detail the scenes have, considering this movie is over an hour long. While there are alot of back and forth talking scenes, it has great dialouge so it doesnt get boring. Just a great movie to watch while you're out of stuff to do or when the internet's out.