Working on another site

Im currentley working on another 3dmm related site. Instead of a somewhat, 90's oriented site. It will be a bit more 2000's and modern. With a cleaner look and more clarity (atleast I hope so.) But dont worry about it looking boring or souless, It wont. If you want to view a very early verison of the site you can click there. No, not there, or "over there" either, Its right here!


All pages are finished!

All of the pages on the nav bar are available to look at, So I guess you could say the sites "finished." Im pretty dang happy with how the site is rn, Although the nav bar could be rewritten to be alot better, when resizing your browser window it tries to correct itself but ends up looking broken, This is why theres alot of unused room on the navbar so 1600x900 users can see it correctley. We also have our first submitted movie on the site, Blob war! Made by Onattien, a promising noob who has artistic skill, atleast I think so. Also the reviews page has been removed because I dont think I can make good reviews. You could say its an excuse to have the site all finished up but Im being real, I CANT MAKE REVIEWS!! But yeah, this is not the end. I'll come up with more ideas to make this site better and better.


Say Hello To the new Movie Maker Wasteland!

The sites not finished, but its sure as finished as the older version, if not even more! Just a mini update, Nothing really important as this site isnt very big when it comes to content. For some reason the index page is completely broken, it hasn't been updated in 3 days and I cant do anything about it, Only the home page updates. Its really weird but I honestley dont care. Most, if not all links to sites just go to the actual main page instead of the index. Anyway Feel free to submit your movie to me (you can find how to in the Others page. Ill put them on as soon as I update the movies page.


Welcome To the redesigned site! I'm hoping this version of the site will stay.

So after seeing Plopilpy's site, I noticed how much uncooler MY site was. So im doing a complete rewrite! Not just because of plops site, but because mine is a bit of a mess, So im simplifying the html code. After im done ill wipe everything and this site will appear on the index, or just the home page, Neocities sometimes just doesnt update both. And much more to the site is coming!

11/22/21 (OLD SITE)

Site redesign

Alright, the site kinda looks a bit, boring... the only cool thing are the button icons. Im just gonna keep this short, Im currentley working on a redesign to make it more simplified and fixed. And alot more like the 90s! You can see it early if you want to Here!

11/8/21 (OLD SITE)

Slowly building

The pages are being filled in, As of now im working on the favorites page, And the 404 page has been changed to something better! Go ahead, mistype something in the url! And a guestboook!!! Say hi!!! I've also noticed that you can click the buttons anywhere from the right side, rather than where they're supposed to be, This isnt a big deal. I dont think it conflicts with text and other hyperlinks, being the lazy potatocouch I am, its going to stay there. Maybe until I completley rewrite the site after im more skilled with html.

11/7/21 (OLD SITE)

The site is born! what now?

Im starting to "learn" html through dumb websites, Ive done this before about a year ago but just kinda stopped.Doing html and seeing the webpage you made is pretty fun! More will come to this site