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MINI UPDATE: The latest updates on the page is now an embeded of the updates page, specifically a version where theres no navbar and the background is transparent.


Anotha one (im sorry please dont feed me to the lions)

Another new 3dmm site of mine! It will look alot better and NOT as cluttered as this site. As of now its in a nice fixed 4:3 window, because I just kinda find it easier to navigate, or read? Idk but its a new fuckin' site go check it out lol just CLICK HEEEERREEEE AAAAHHHHHHH.

Welcome to the wasteland! Here you can find 3dmm related things such as: reviews, my own showcases, movies, and my personal favorites! Hosted by the one and only, Pokerman!


This site is was made for 1920x1080 monitors. I recommend a 16:9 monitor that is 1280x720-1920x1080. 4:3 is not supported (atleast not very much), sorry :(

Created Nov 7, 2021, Redone in Nov 24, 2021