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Blob War

A movie about blobs fighting in a war, with impressive effects and sick action!

The Downfall of Augustin Burger

A movie about Augustin snortin' crack and doing dumb stuff that leads his buisness to fall.




An action movie I made for fun, with a little sprinkle o' christmas


A short and fun movie I made overnight. A butterfly effect leading up to the world ending.

Blood Test 3

A scene from one of my cancelled movies. Features some pretty cool gore, this was when I started to use 3d letter mods such as superdings.

Hey Retard!

This was my first REAL movie, If you could say that, its really just a short. This was the beginning of my fascination with the bag headed actor: Zack. It takes place during holloween night. And some brats pick on a nerd with an objectively poor costume.




A sequal to my chaotic short, Balls. Now originally, I was planning for a real movie with storytelling and characters, but I dont think thats what the people of want. So instead it will basically be a true sequal to Balls 1 with some extra spice and characters, yet still the same choatic short movie it should be.


I've always wanted to make a pointless action movie from the very start of my 3dmm directing career (yes thats a real genre in the 3dmm community.) Infact the oldest movie I remember making was called "The Scattinator," nothing too interesting as its just scatman in a plane killing people with some decent effort, atleast for my oldest movie(I think). I only remember it because I showed it too my friends as a joke and they laughed their asses off! Though not aprrectiating the effort, they were entertained and that made me happy :).

SO, about my dream pam I want to make, Im hoping it too be simular to litterbug 2, as I'm very inspired by Pozin's films. Impressive camera pans, ridiculous action, and a head banging soundtrack! Once I'm done with balls 2 maybe I'll work on it? I still have plans for another movie I made up in my head that I really want to make. I'm also really hoping for me to not cancel the movie 1/4th into production, one of my fears of making movies is just out right cancelling it for no reason whatsoever. I think this might be because we never keep in touch with whats going on, and we dont ever really stick to it, we move on to other projects and say "i'll just do it later!" But i'll try my best, possibly making a thread about my thoughts on it, keeping it active to the public by showcasing, and possibly even voice actors. While I do want this to be an ambitious movie, I dont think trying to make it the best movie possible is the greatest mindset for me. Whenever I have that as a goal for my movie it just gets cancelled after a month or 2.

So YEAH, maybe I have no idea what im talking about, but you get the idea. Make a cool pozin inspired pam movie, maybe get some voice actors, and actively show progress.